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EcoRaider® Bed Bugs Killer (60ml - 480ml)

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  • NATURAL Bed Bugs Killer 
  • Recommended by USDA IR-4 Public Health Pesticide Program for public housing.
  • Kill fast on contact with 100% efficacy, even kills resistant bed bugs!
  • Proven to have an extended residual protection even after dried.
  • Toxin-free and dermatologically safe; child, pet, bird and fish friendly.


Spray on mattress, bed frame, seam and edge of furniture. Recommended to use at least 2 hours before sleep.  


Q : Is EcoRaider® safe for babies, children, elderly and pets?
A : EcoRaider® is safe for use around all vertebrates - human, pets, fishes and birds. EcoRaider® acts by targeting the receptors that only exist in invertebrates like insects.  

Q : How often should I use EcoRaider®?
A : EcoRaider® leaves the residual effect for up to 14 days on the treated areas. Hence, as a prevention, it is recommended to spray the areas using EcoRaider® for every 14 days.

Q : Does EcoRaider® leave staining on the treated area?
A : EcoRaider® will not stain the treated area since it is of water-based formulation.  

Q : Does EcoRaider® have any odour?
A : EcoRaider® has a slight natural woody scent. It comes from the botanical extracts and it is non-toxic. The odour will dissipate in one - two hours. It is recommended to open the doors and windows during the treatment as a good ventilation system.